Candle of the Month - Farm & Sea

Here's the thing - Farm & Sea candles FLY off the shelves, and we know sometimes you pop in for a candle and they are simply gone. 

That's why we decided to launch our Candle of the Month subscription. 

Starting in April, we will mail you a seasonal 7.5 oz. Farm & Sea candle scent (we will pick the top seller and the one we love the most!). If you open it, and you don't love it, simply bring it back in the shop and pick out one you love!

We are offering only 20 customers the opportunity to take advantage of this program.

Price includes:

  • 9 candles (9 months) - we are gifting you one free month!
  • Delivery to your door (discounted shipping costs included in the total price)
  • Guaranteed candle each month = happiness :)

Please enter the code CANDLELOVE at checkout to waive any additional shipping fees.