Cocktails in Color

"A guide to the elements, tastes, and techniques of drinkmaking. Featured are recipes for classic and original cocktails, as well as a Bartending Index, including additional recipes, tools and techniques, glassware and garnishes, and ice. Each page is illustrated with gouache paintings"-- An artistic cocktail book that is as beautiful as it is practical. By utilizing design and their expertise, Sammi and Olivia have created a vibrant, knowledgeable mixology book for both seasoned and newbie drinkmakers.  

Cocktails in Color celebrates the craft of drinkmaking, from raw ingredients to finished, delightful refreshments. Together, Sammi Katz and Olivia McGiff explore the elements, tastes, and techniques of all things drinks to create an accessible, visually delicious new guide to drinking that gives you the tools to design your own cocktails. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new kid at the bar, Cocktails in Colordeserves a spot on your bar cart. Each page is fully illustrated with rich, inspiring gouache paintings, making it a visual delight that stands out from other bartender books. This book encourages readers to explore a palette of ingredients for their developing palate.