Fisherman Fred and the Fledglings

A story for adventurers aged four to one hundred and four. As Fisherman Fred prepares for his boat trip, he is determined to prove to his four daughters that he can thrive after the loss of his wife-their mother-Millie. As his travels take him further down the Merrimack River, the stakes quickly become higher than he ever imagined.


About the Author: Camille Garro lives in Newburyport, MA, near the Merrimack River. She worked as an interior designer for 30 years until she decided to channel her creativity into Newburyport's vibrant theater scene. Camille has written several works, from ten-minute comedies, to dramas, to full-production musicals. This is Camille's first children's book. She draws inspiration for this book from her own harrowing experiences in her boat, as well as her upbringing in a family of worriers (her dad, her mother Millie, and her three sisters). Camille is proud she raised her son to worry too, because "worrying about your family," she says, "is a true expression of caring and loving."

About the Illustrator: Alan Bull is a painter, illustrator and art teacher based in Newburyport, Massachusetts. As a child in Maine, he started drawing at a very young age and was inspired to become an artist by children's book illustrators such as Maurice Sendak, Beatrix Potter, Dr. Seuss, N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle. He paints portraits, landscapes, boats, and old trucks, and this is his second children's book collaboration.