The Live Your Values Deck : Sort Out, Honor, and Practice What Matters Most to You

Determine your core values and put them into daily practice with this insightful deck, featuring vibrant illustrations by the beloved artist Lisa Congdon.

Remarkable things happen when you make your core values a guiding force in your life. Aligning your life with your values can increase your compassion, enhance your confidence, and allow you to experience more intimacy in relationships. As you grow and reach new milestones, the practice of re-centering, reconnecting, and realigning with your values will help guide you through new chapters of life.

This 78-card deck and accompanying booklet offer a practical set of tools, first to determine what matters most to you, then to learn how to live accordingly. Featuring insights, inspiration, and activities accompanied by Lisa Congdon's delightfully colorful illustrations, The Live Your Values Deck will help you build a life true to your values.

EXPERT GUIDANCE: With insightful instructions from co-authors Lisa Congdon and Andreea Niculescu, these cards offer mindful advice, coaching, and tips to rediscover your core values and connect them to your daily life.

VERSATILE DECK: Whether you use them as therapy cards or make a game of it, these cards will reveal practices you can easily incorporate into your mindfulness routine.  

A PRACTICAL GUIDE: More engaging than a self-help book and less daunting than trying to list your values on a blank page, this deck offers a fun, hands-on way to identify your core principles and integrate them into your life.