The Whiskey Cookbook

Wine isn’t the only drink that can accompany a good meal. In this cookbook, whiskey takes center stage with signature pairings and top-notch recipes. From rye with smoked salmon to bourbon with apple pie, experiment with diverse flavor profiles that pair with and improve the taste of these spirits. With hundreds of different expressions to choose from, a good bottle of whiskey is an ingenious way to bring your meals to the next level. Inside you’ll find:

- Menus that pair well with bourbon, rye, scotch, and single malts
- Detailed tasting notes for a variety of expressions
- A guide to the full spectrum of whiskey flavors and aromas 

Balance out delectable dishes or give them a perfect punch, ??and bring depth and complexity to each meal with this spirited collection. This is a new way to think, drink, and appreciate the world of whiskey. Raise your glass, it’s time to eat with 
The Whiskey Cookbook.