Loofah Sponge

The perfect alternative to plastic dish sponges and plastic bath loofahs. Use this zero waste, sustainably sourced loofah sponge (made from a plant!) to wash dishes, naturally exfoliate your skin, clean sinks, tubs, and so much more!

Once wet, they naturally expand making the perfect sponge and scrubber! Loofah sponges are soft enough where they will not scratch your pots, pans, or dishes, but have enough scrubbing power to get all the grime and grease off!

There may be some black seeds/residue left inside of the loofah. They will fall out naturally over time.

End of Life: These are 100% plant fiber and will completely compost within 30 days. Simply throw it in your compost bin or bury it in your garden. The paper label can be recycled or composted.