Spring has sprung...wait has it?!  Maybe not yet, but it will, it will.  And with that comes one of THE most important days of the year...Mother's Day!  Maybe it's just because we are both Mamas, but we feel pretty strongly about celebrating the heck out of the lady who gave you life.  So, to help you avoid being the kid who gives your Mom a pair of socks or even worse, an appliance, we are giving you a round-up of the best products to gift your Mama this year.  Easy, peasy.  

These items are some of our favorites, and we think she will love them too.  All are available in the Newburyport shop or online.  We'll even wrap them up for you...are we making this easy enough, guys?

Bee and the Fox Mama Bird T-shirt

These t's, printed in Cali are the softest ever.  Plus, they are stylish and hip, ya know, for a t-shirt.  No, really, we love them, and we think your mom will enjoy pairing this with jeans or yoga pants for a cozy option.  They run a bit small, just as an FYI!

Birch Rose Bath Soak

OK, this is a guaranteed winner.  What Mom wouldn't love a quiet, relaxing, soothing bath, alone?  No Mom, that's who.  She will love this product and the thought even more.  Winner.

Gunn & Swain Blanket

Perfect for all the beach-going Moms out there.  These blankets are colorful, fun, and will make her feel like a total put-together rockstar at the beach this summer.  She'll probably even Instagram it.  It's that awesome.  Could be paired with a bottle of rosé...just a suggestion.

Shepard Run Crescent Studs

Both of us have had our eyes on these earrings since they arrived at the shop.  They are simply stated and a great "everyday earring" option.  They come in silver, gold, and rose gold...whichever is your Mom's jam.  She'll love them.


Michelle Barrett Ceramic Ring Dish

Remember the clay ring dish you made your Mom in pre-school?  And how she still uses it to this day?  Well, the truth is, she's ready for an upgrade.  She will most likely still tuck that gem from years ago away, but this ring dish is one she can get behind for many more years, AND still think of you every time. 

Farm and Sea Candles

These soy candles fly off our shelves.  Made locally, these babies are truly incredible...fragrant, subtle, and easy choice for any Mom.  We have lots of great spring scents available, since she is most likely totally over these cold days.



Elizabeth Benotti Air Plant Hanger

These air plant hangers are a great option for Moms who love to decorate and who love not killing plants.  That's right, they hold air plants, which solely live on AIR...after all the taking care she has done, this will be a breeze.  

Enamel and Co Mommin' Ain't Easy Mug

That's right...it ain't.  Being a Mom is a JOB (it's the best job, yes), but it can be tough, rough, whatever you want to call it.  This mug is cheeky and the perfect way for you to let Mom know that you know it's not an easy thing she does being super woman and all.  

Mesh Totes

Another great everyday product that any Mom can get behind using.  These bags are cute and most importantly, help save the earth by subbing for plastic bags.  Think Farmer's Market-going Moms, Gym-going Moms, Yoga-going Moms, Earth-saving Moms.  Cute AND practical.

So, there you go.  There are ten of our favorite choices for your number one lady.  We also have tons of really sweet cards and will have fresh flower bouquets over Mother's Day weekend.